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Under the government of Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme individuals may become eligible for citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda by making an investment in a government approved real estate project. The programme allows dual citizenship and is strictly governed by state laws and regulations.

Other information on the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Programme

  • Citizenship confers the right to a passport being valid for a period of 5 years with application for renewal thereafter.
  • To maintain citizenship, investors are required to hold their qualifying investment for a minimum of 5 years. After 5 years the share may be sold to a subsequent investor ensuring a viable secondary market.
  • There is a requirement of 5 days total over a five-year period to be resident on Antigua and Barbuda. Citizens may opt to complete their residency requirement in any one-year of the five year period.
  • The right to vote is not automatically conferred. The provisions of the Representation of the People’s Act will apply.
  • The Antigua Citizenship Investment Unit (CIU) reserves the right to interview any applicant.
  • Every successful applicant must appear in person in Antigua and Barbuda at the CIU to collect his/her passport and to take the Citizenship Oath.
  • Multiple citizenship is allowed.
  • Applications can only be made through authorized agents.


  • Visa-free travel to approximately 131 countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the European Union countries including all 28 Schengen states and most other British Commonwealth countries. For a complete list of countries, click here
  • Passports are issued in approximately 90-120 days of filing an application
  • Antigua has no capital gains, gifts, wealth, estate and inheritance taxes. Income generated outside of the country is not taxed.
  • Minimal residency of just 5 days in the first five years.
  • Dual citizenship is permitted and open to all nationalities (subject to Government rules) without the requirement to notify the applicant’s home country.
  • Lifetime citizenship for you and eligible family members.
  • Non-stop flights from major cities like London, New York, Miami, Charlotte, Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta and Frankfurt makes Antigua readily accessible. A daily flight to numerous regional destinations including Barbados, S.Barths and St.Maarten adds to its allure.
  • Investing in an Antiguan World of Indulgence home provides personal security, as your spouse, children and elderly parents and for generations thereafter may also obtain citizenship as well as having an investment abroad.
  • Potential for a capital gain on your property investment as well as an annual income.
  • After five years of ownership, properties are eligible for resale.
  • Because Antigua is an independent British Commonwealth nation there is the potential for preferential treatment in the United Kingdom, where children may be able to study visa-free and work for 2 years thereafter without a work permit.
  • Citizens can spend as much time on Antigua & Barbuda as they wish; one of the most beautiful and relaxing countries in the world.

Steps to get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Step 1

Execute Reservation Agreement
Property 10% deposit payable
Sign Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Step 2

Execute forms and submit citizenship application to government
Government Due Diligence fees payable
Government Application Fees 10% deposit payable

Step 3

Within 3 months
The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Investment Unit (CIU) shall notify Approved Agent in writing whether the application has been approved, denied or delayed for cause and is still being processed.

CIU Approval-in-principle received
Property Purchase Price balance payable
Government Application Fees balance payable
Property purchase closes
Property ‘Certificate of Title’ sent to CIU
Submit Passport Application (10 days processing time)

Applicant receives
Citizenship Certificate
Certificate of Title

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